14th International Symposium on Variants in the Genome

Monday, 5 June 2017 to Wednesday, 7 June 2017 from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

NH Collection Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Sponsorship & Exhibition

By attending this important event your company will:

  • Learn about the latest forthcoming technologies

  • Gain immediate feedback about your products

  • Share knowledge

  • Engage delegates in a relaxed environment & generate new sales leads

  • Access networking functions

  • Raise your profile and show your products to key decision makers

We are offering companies a number of opportunities where they can showcase their products and services to this specialist target group.

A company lecture within the meeting program for example allows you to disseminate your information to the entire audience. As sponsored lectures are extremely limited, priority is given to those companies who secure their place earlier.

Previous exhibitors will agree that this is a great networking meeting.


Who will attend?

  • Molecular geneticists from diagnostic labs
  • Molecular geneticists from research labs
  • Clinical pathologists
  • Cytogeneticists
  • Clinicians
  • & more


Opportunities for:

  • Trade displays
  • Company Lecture within the programme (limited)
  • Exclusive sponsorship of name badges/lanyards (one only)
  • Advertising in the programme booklet (limited)
  • Satchel Inserts
  • Sponsored Poster Prizes (one student and one researcher)
  • Combination packages to suit you
  • got another idea?  Please contact us to discuss.


To Discuss the Possibilities and Receive a detailed Sponsorship & Exhibitor's Prospectus please contact the Secretariat:

Ms Rania Horaitis
info at meeting-makers.com



AstraZeneca is a research based pharmaceutical company.  

In the area of oncology AstraZeneca is working to redefine the cancer treatment paradigm by delivering life-changing medicines to help address unmet clinical needs in a host of cancers and one day help eliminate the disease as a cause of death.


LGC is a global leader in delivering genomic solutions for research, diagnostics, and applied markets.  We provide best-in-class products supporting quantitative and end-point PCR (KASP and BHQ® probes) and RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (Stellaris® RNA FISH probes).  We offer state-of-the-art instrumentation for extraction (Oktopure™) and a fully integrated PCR platform (IntelliQube®).  Our innovative technologies also power lab services for genotyping, DNA extraction, and sequencing are also available.


PacBio® Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing provides full access to human genomic variation through unmatched read length, uniform coverage and exceptional accuracy. With average reads lengths greater than 10 kb, PacBio DNA sequencing data reveals previously hidden structural variants and produces direct variant phasing information across haplotype blocks, in both whole genome and targeted applications. With SMRT Sequencing Systems, scientists gain new insight into the genetic basis of disease heritability and a more comprehensive view of human genetic variation.



Agena bioscience

Agena Bioscience is a San Diego, CA based life sciences and clinical diagnostics company that recently acquired the Bioscience business of Sequenom, Inc. and is now offering the MassARRAY® System. The system is a highly sensitive, quantitative method for nucleic acid detection via mass spectrometry for high-throughput genotyping and mutation profiling for cancer and other disease research, companion diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, molecular blood group typing, epigenetics, clinical genetics, agrigenomics, and molecular sample identification for bio-banking.

Interactive Biosoftware

Interactive Biosoftware is the creator of the Alamut® Software Suite offering a comprehensive solution to the complex tasks of genomic variants annotation, filtration, interpretation and reporting.

Interactive Biosoftware is changing genetic diagnostics and research as we know it by simplifying the mutation interpretation process, while saving scientists’ time, improving outcome quality and enhancing productivity.

Sophia Genetics
sophiagenetics SG_logo_stacked_pos.jpg

Sophia Genetics is the Global Leader in Data Driven Medicine. Our team of talented experts in Clinical Genomics, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics built Sophia DDM®, the most advanced analytical platform for clinical diagnostics. Over 175 leading hospitals use Sophia DDM® to diagnose thousands of patients each week in the fastest, most accurate possible way.



10x Genomics
10x genomics HORIZ_LOGO_RGB_BLUE.jpg

10x Genomics meets the critical need for long range, structural and cellular information, with an innovative system that transforms short-read sequencing technologies. Our Chromium™ System supports comprehensive genomics and high-throughput single cell transcriptomics. It enables researchers to discover previously inaccessible genomic information at unprecedented scale, including phased structural variants, phased single nucleotide variants, and dynamic gene expression of individual cells—while leveraging their existing sequencing systems and workflows.

BioNano Genomics

The Irys platform from BioNano Genomics provides unprecedented insights into whole-genome biology. Genome maps are generated from massively parallel single-molecule visualization of extremely long DNA. These maps provide dense genome-wide anchor points for ordering and orienting sequencing contigs or scaffolds to greatly increase completion and accuracy of de novo assemblies. Structural variants and repeats are measured directly within long “reads” for comprehensive analysis of what has been referred to as the inaccessible genome. For more see www.bionanogenomics.com




Phenosystems develops user-friendly software since 2002. Our software suite for molecular diagnostics comprises: GensearchNGS dedicated to mutation detection and interpretation on data from gene panels, Whole Exomes and Whole Genome; Gensearch for capillary DNA sequencing, GensearchGT Genotyping, GensearchHIV. Major features are high specificity and sensitivity, advanced tools to support variant interpretation (frameshifts, splice prediction, connection to LSDBs and to CaféVariome.org). All have been developed together with leading diagnostics laboratories in Europe, packing powerful tools in an extremely user friendly interface.

Contact email: contact@phenosystems.com 

SAPHETOR Logo_saphetor-01 Transparent.jpg

Saphetor, the genome interpreter.

Saphetor provides end-to-end solution analysis for next generation DNA sequencing for research and clinical use. We seamlessly combine the world’s leading molecular databases, coupled with advanced software. To empower the research/medical professional to accurately identify the cause of cancer or genetic disease, and connect the patient to treatment options and clinical trials, we provide timely reports based on the most up-to-date information from academic and clinical research tailored to the patient's DNA data.





Reference Laboratory Genetics
Reference Lab Genetics.jpg

Reference Laboratory Genetics is the Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis Division of ReferenceLaboratory.

It is nowadays the biggest laboratory of Genetics in Europe and guarantees the accomplishment of any genetic study required in his facilities with own resources.

The patient is our priority. We consider each case individually and suggest to carry on the most appropriate genetic studies.

All the genetic reports we issue are customized and are adapted to EMQN’s recommendations.

Our Head of Genetic Counselors is Dr. Esther Geán.



Royal Society Publishing

Open Biology is an online, fully open access journal. It publishes articles covering biology at the molecular and cellular level.