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We have a wonderful program arranged. Access to all sessions/workshops, lunches and networking reception are included in your registration fee.

This is a draft schedule that may change at a later time however the start time end end times of the symposium will remain the same.

Monday 25th May 2020

  • Registration 8.30 - 10.30 
  • Pre-meeting Workshop(s) 9.00 - 10.30 
  • Official Symposium Opening - 11.00 
  • Networking Reception 18.30 - 20.30

Tuesday 26th May

  • Symposium Continues 8.30 - 18.00

Wednesday 27th May

  • Symposium Continues 8.30 - 17.00
  • Symposium End 17.00 


While we work on the program you may view the program from the last event to get an idea of what it may be like

Think Tank Session


We invite you to send any topics you wish discussed in an open floor format in our World Café session "Think Tank". Please send your ideas before 30th April. The scientific program committee will prepare the best topics in advance and crowdsource via live polling the topics to discuss at the beginning of this session. YOU, vote the topics to discuss. This will be your opportunity to discuss those burning issues, hear solutions from your peers, be exposed to a range of perspectives and experience for yourself a fully immersive conference session format. So make sure you come with your innovation and problem-solvers hat on!

world cafe image

Proposed Topics


  • Single Cell Sequencing / Technologies
  • Single molecule sequencing
  • Long- read sequencing
  • Long-read RNA sequencing
  • Emerging or novel technolgies for variant detection
  • Non-SNV type of variants


  • Update on ClinGen Recommendations to the ACMG-AMP system
  • High-throughput clinical systems
  • ClinGen interpretation system
  • Artificial intelligence in data systems related to genomics
  • Ensembl
  • In-house vs commercial interpretation software
  • Block-chain (or other secure systems) technology for genomic/patient data storage
  • Variants and electronic medical records
  • Big data/databases/Cloud Genomics
  • Impact of FDA recognition of selected variant databases


  • Rethinking population screening & Testing Guidelines
  • Cancers:Colorectal & BRCA
  • Editing (CRISPR/Cas9)
  • Epigenetics
  • Metagenomics


  • 10,000 animals project
  • Genomics England
  • All of Us


  • Frontiers of direct to consumer testing
  • Tissue on a Chip
  • & more...

Sponsors & Exhibitors